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Rolled, Not Prerolled!

Designed with intention and prepared with care.

Traditional “pre-rolls” are inconsistently packed in a preassembled cone which often leads to clogging and waste.

JOINTS are “rolled” to ensure an even flow throughout. There is no packing in a preassembled cone, so there is no clogging and no waste offering a higher quality and consistent experience.

Designed with intention and prepared with care. We are committed to quality and sustainability ensuring that every J is smoked to the end with no waste!

Joints strives to set the standard in quality, consistent, products for the Oklahoma medical cannabis patients. Every patient deserves the best, Every Time. Choose our J’s Every Time.

From start to finish our process handles your medical cannabis with the utmost respect, care and attention to every detail. Our Pre-Rolling phase monitors only lab tested raw materials which are essential in controlling our
Js performance. To ensure the consistency of our raw materials, rigorous supplier standards have been developed and implemented. Only the finest terpene rich, locally sourced, premium full flower cannabis is used. The paper selected is organic and slow burning and our Js are rolled around a bio-cool crutch for an even flow throughout.

This ensures that every J is smoked to the end with no waste! Our Rolling phase is what separates us from all the other pre-rolls. We consider Rolling to be an art form and use the classic Libermann style for our Js. Rolled around premium flower thereby guaranteeing the highest quality, performance, and most consistent draw in the industry. Our rolling ensures an even flow throughout and since there is no packing in pre-assembled cones, there is no clogging with our Js. 

Our Rolling phase eliminates most of manufacturing’s quality issues, however, our Js are again inspected and tested to rigorous outgoing quality and performance criteria which ensures superior quality, performance, and consistency.